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Starting Deck "Witch in Jet Black"

"Witch in jet black" (14 types each, parallel) -Release date: October 8, 2021 (Friday) -Price: 1 deck 1,000 yen (tax included) / 41 sheets -Specifications: One ultra-rare ace card is always included in one deck. * The card size is 63 mm wide x 88 mm long. * Includes rule sheet and play sheet



"Bloom, the bettor of the soul"

The new TV anime "Build Divide -# 000000- (Code Black)" will be broadcast from October 2021! Immersion in the game that is enhanced by linking with the anime story!

◯ Linkage with animation! Fully linked with the anime "Build Divide -# 000000- (Code Black)" scheduled to be broadcast from October 2021. The deck used by the main character of the same work is reproduced, and you can enjoy the TCG battle of the animation even in real life.

◯ You can fight immediately after purchase! In addition to the four "Ace" units that are the key cards of the deck, all the cards including the powerful "Buster" unit are composed of 2 to 4 cards, so it is strong without any modification. You can play as a well-balanced deck!

◯ Ultra rare specification included One ultra-rare card from "Bloom the Soul Bet" is always included in each deck. * The card size is 63 mm wide x 88 mm long.

◯ Rule sheet and play sheet are also included A rule manual that allows you to play the game immediately and a play sheet that shows the layout of the fields are attached!


武装供給 (Armed supply)
キャピタルブレイカー (Capital breaker)
天眼銃撃 ナディヤ (Heavenly Shooting Nadiya)
バトルエンジニア ヴィエナ(Battle engineer Vienna)
穿孔強襲 フリーダ (Perforation assault Frida)
GAW-04 ジャイアントホーク (GAW-04 Giant Hawk)
ハードラック・クラップス (Hard Rack Claps)
呪われた切札 (Cursed ticket)
“ブラックナイト” ライゾーム (“Black Night” Lysosomal)
パーシャル・ディーラー (Partial dealer)
“デッドルーク” リヴァワート ("Dead Luke" Liverwart)
魂を賭ける者 ブルーム (Bloom, the bettor of the soul)
凝視する者 クセノス (Gaze Xenos)
命運の遊技場 (Fateful playground)